Found a Golden Contractor at the End of the Rainbow? Let the World Know!

Found a Golden Contractor at the End of the Rainbow? Let the World Know!


The World Needs to Know!

The world we live in today is operated largely through a large system of referrals. Whether it is a restaurant, a movie, or a band, people share positive experiences. Why? People love positive experiences and naturally want to share those positive experiences with others. The same goes in the roofing industry particularly because roofing contractors make changes to peoples’ most valuable assets – their homes. With homes being so important, it is our responsibility to share with others when we have a positive experience.


We all can remember a time when we were done wrong by a company, and we often share those negative experiences; however, how much time and effort could we save if we shared the good experience with those around us. I’m reminded of the song I heard many times growing up in church:

“This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.”


If you have found a great roofing contractor, let that light shine! Tell others about your great experience. This takes “shopping” out of the process. Homeowners know who will take care of them and put a quality roof on their home. You can’t put a price on ease of mind.


Finding a Great Contractor

Make sure you do your homework to find the best quality roofing contractor available. Cutting corners and choosing the cheapest option seems easier in the moment but could cost you down the road. Find a roofing company who has it all:

  • Service mindset
  • License
  • Insurance
  • References from satisfied customers
  • Quality products
  • Thorough knowledge of the job

Before you choose a roofing contractor make sure you know what all the roofing company is going to do for you:

  • Does the roofing company rip off or roof over shingles (pros and cons of each)
  • What about rotten decking? (replace it)
  • Water proofing your roof (metal flashing/ice and water shield)
  • Synthetic underlayment or paper felt (what’s the difference)
  • What type of shingles
    • What is the warranty
    • Differences between options offered
  • What type of ventilation are you receiving?
  • Does the roofing company clean up the debris and pick up loose nails?


All of these questions are what roofing companies should make sure you know well before you sign any agreement.

So I found a good one – what now?

Don’t keep it to yourself! Tell others!

Some roofing companies will even compensate you for different types of referrals.


Let the company put a sign in your yard after the roofing job. That sign shows others who did such a great job on your roof. Because that is spreading the word, some roofing companies will even give you a discount on your roof just for that.


Let your friends and family know about the quality roofing contractor you did business with. In the world of social media, you could even post on your Facebook or other social media channel letting people know about the great roofing company. If your friends reach out to the company and mention your name, most roofing companies will give you a referral bonus for spreading the word.


Let your home owner’s association know about this great contractor. This way when your neighbors are looking for roofing work, the neighborhood already knows a great one! HOA presidents love protecting the quality and appearance of a neighborhood.


Even put a review online on the roofing companies website, business databases, or referral services. This lets other people know that this roofing company can be trusted.



Why does this matter?

We have all been “burned” in the past by a company or worker that didn’t do a good job, cheated us, or just wasn’t a pleasure to work with. Those are not good experiences. As simple as it is, people want to increase positive experiences and decrease negative experiences – pretty mind blowing eh?

It is our responsibility and our pleasure to share when we have great experiences. When you find a great roofing company who does great, quality work – share this experience with everyone. Scratch their back, and they will scratch yours with a great referral in the future.


Not only does sharing the wealth help us all in life, it can also earn you some rewards from the roofing company.

So go on – let your light shine. When you find a great roofing company, share them!