Replace or Repair?

Replace or Repair?



When homeowners have trouble with their roof, they ask lots of questions. The main question we hear from homeowners is whether they should repair or replace their roof. Because all roofs are different, that answer varies from home to home. That is why leading roofing companies like Capstone Roofing ask to inspect each roof to give an accurate assessment and reasonable next steps.


When Should I Repair?

Like I said, all roofs are different, but from our experience we see patterns. By in large, if your roof is anywhere from less than 10-15 years, repairing your roof is probably the best option. Because you still have a good bit of life left in your roof, a simple repair is often cost effective, will fix the issue, and allow you to enjoy more life out of your roof.


If your roof is more than 10-15 years old, we will likely look at a full replacement of your roof. At this point, your roof is nearing the end of its life and a repair would simply act as a band-aid for a time (eventually leading to a replacement).

If you also are tight on cash and just looking for a leak to stop, a repair may be your best move considering full replacements are a larger investment.

It is important to allow a quality roofing company to inspect your roof to assess the factors and guide you to the appropriate next steps based on your current condition.


When Should I Replace?

After the 10-15 year mark of your roof’s lifespan, it may be worth looking into replacing your roofing material. The reason this rule exists is because of how worn the roofing material gets over time. At some point, the shingles expand/retract and heat up/cool off so much that they become brittle. At this point repairing one section of your roof would damage the rest of the roof causing even more trouble. You also can see streaks in your roof from algae build up along with loss of granules as your roof ages. You also may experience leaks due to the integrity of the shingle failing.


Once you get a quality roofing company to inspect your older roof, a full replacement will likely be the best option. At this point, a repair is putting tape over the broken dam – there is still a huge problem. We are just putting it off.


Also, if you are looking to increase the value of your home, a full roof replacement may be your best option. If you have the funds and a great roofing company, replacing your roof is an incredible investment (see Value of a New Roof Article).


What Do Companies Actually Look for During an Inspection

With a quality roofing company like Capstone Roofing, you can expect a thorough inspection along with an honest evaluation of your best next steps. We look at the age of your roof by assessing the color, granule loss, and brittleness of the roof.

Also, we make sure to take a close look at the water prone areas of your roof. Checking shingles for damage in the valleys and other areas where water tends to gather the most. It is also important to check around any gutters, chimneys, vents, or other roof accessories where flashing is needed to make sure there are no potential issues. Lastly, roofing companies will make sure to check out the shingles directly. Looking for missing tabs, tears in the shingles, granule loss, and other signs will show the life expectancy of the roof along with giving an indication on proper next steps.


What Do I Do Now?

Capstone Roofing is a leading roofing company in Birmingham, AL specializing in residential roofing including asphalt shingles, metal, slate, tile, and shake roofs. We proudly give free inspections of any roof. You can count on us to give you honest feedback on the best next steps for your roof. Feel free to give us a call and chat. We would love to help.