Do You Have Roof Damage From Wind Or Hail?

Do You Have Roof Damage From Wind Or Hail?


Do You Have Wind and Hail Damage To Your Roof?

We are getting numerous phone calls from customers that are concerned they may have roof damage. This is largely due to the recent hail and high winds in Birmingham over the last few days. From what we’ve experienced this year, most of our clients have had a lot of wind damage to their roof. This was especially in the month of January. As result, many people have called us recently due to roof leaks. Now with the widespread hail damage to roofs in the Birmingham area we are getting more calls. So what do you do when you have wind or hail damage to your roof?

Call a reputable roofing company.

First, if you feel like your roof was damaged by hail contact Capstone Roofing, LLC. We will do a thorough inspection of your roof. After we have INSPECTED YOUR ROOF we will give you our evaluation of your roof. We will also inform you of the guidelines for a roof replacement by your particular insurance company. If we feel you have roof damage that has the possibility of being approved by your insurance company we will help you with the claims process.

Once you contact your insurance company and setup an appointment with the insurance adjuster, contact a roofing specialist at Capstone Roofing so that we can set the time aside on our calendar. Our roofing specialist would then meet the insurance adjuster on your behalf. Our roofing specialist will be sure that the insurance adjuster is aware of all roof damage on your roof. We will then work with the adjuster and discuss the weather damage to your roof.

Be cautious of any “roof specialist” that claims you have roof damage without inspecting your roof. Be super cautious and run away from any “roofer” that wants payment upfront! Many people of been scammed because they paid a roofing contractorpart of the money upfront. It is also more difficult to get the roof contractor to comply when you have already paid them more money than what they currently have in the roof.

What does hail damage do to your roof and why does it matter?

Hail damage can affect your home in a variety of ways. Hail impact to asphalt shingles tend to loosen the hard granules that make up the top surface of the shingle. If the hail is large enough, it can damage the fiberglass mat or go right through the shingle! When this happens, the water shedding ability of the roof is compromised. Once there is a small indention in the roof shingle water can begin to slowly leak through the shingle. The felt underlayment under the shingle then becomes soft and the decking underneath is exposed to the elements. This can start a chain reaction that includes rotten decking, damaged insulation, damaged or water stained ceilings, and more.

What does wind damage do to your roof and why does it matter?

Wind damage can affect the overall appearance of your home due to missing roof shingles. Did you know that missing tabs or shingles on your roof exposes the nails and decking to the weather? Nails are exposed when shingles are missing from your roof. This exposure will allow water to leak through the roof and into the home. Also, missing shingle tabs expose the area where the two shingles below meet. This exposure will allow the roof felt to be exposed to rain, which will only resist water for a few hours. If you have wind damage to your roof or missing tabs call Capstone Roofing and one of our roofing specialist will inspect the roof and complete a brittleness test to determine whether or not the roof can be repaired or whether or not you have enough damage to file and insurance claim.

Call Capstone Roofing, LLC For a Free Roof Evaluation.

If you feel that you have damage to your roof call our office at 205-453-1803 and we will be glad to set up an appointment for one of our roofing specialist to meet with you. We also have a trained insurance inspector on staff that will give you truthful and factual information about the claims process and let you know what it means to file a claim. We complete roof installations in Jefferson and the surrounding counties. For roof inspections near Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Talladega, and Anniston call our main office 205-453-1803 and we will be glad to assist you.

Our roofing systems are installed to meet or exceed state building code and manufacturer warranties. We are Master Shingle Applicators and will make sure that your roof is done right! Our team will not only install the best roof on your home but we will also give you the best service in the business. A project manager will be involved every step of the way to make sure your roof will look great and last for years to come. Our team will do a thorough clean up after the roof is completed. When finished we will use magnets to retrieve all nails that may have been missed by the roofing crew.

We will install your roof with no money down.

WE DO NOT TAKE ANY MONEY UPFRONT! When you choose to establish a relationship with Capstone Roofing we will work to give you the best roofing system. We do not require a down payment. You only pay for the roof when it is finished! We value your relationship and we want you to be happy with our service. Our goal is to be the best roofing contractor in the eyes or our customers and the only way to do that is with great service. Call us today for a free roof estimate!