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Do You Have Hail Damage To Your Roof?

Hail Damage A hail storm can be dangerous. It can also cause serious damage to your most valuable asset-your home. Hail can cause wide spread damage to homes, cars, and other structures. A recent hail storm in Cullman, Alabama where homes and automobiles were destroyed is a local example. When the hail is large enough… continue reading »

Do You Have Roof Damage From Wind Or Hail?

Do You Have Wind and Hail Damage To Your Roof? We are getting numerous phone calls from customers that are concerned they may have roof damage. This is largely due to the recent hail and high winds in Birmingham over the last few days. From what we’ve experienced this year, most of our clients have… continue reading »

Replace or Repair?

  When homeowners have trouble with their roof, they ask lots of questions. The main question we hear from homeowners is whether they should repair or replace their roof. Because all roofs are different, that answer varies from home to home. That is why leading roofing companies like Capstone Roofing ask to inspect each roof… continue reading »

What is the Value of a Metal Roof?

  It seems the majority of roofs today are installed with the “ol’ faithful” asphalt shingles, but more and more home owners are taking a deeper look into the possibility of a metal roof. The question is, “Does a metal roof make sense for my home?”. Capstone Roofing takes a deeper dive into the pros… continue reading »

Study Shows the Value of a New Roof

Homeowners are always remodeling and redesigning their home for multiple reasons. Whatever the project, the majority of homeowners experience many benefits after completing the project such as increased enjoyment of their home, a typical sense of joy from seeing the finished project, and a major sense of accomplishment.   So does this apply to roofing… continue reading »

Can I Install New Shingles over Old?

Yes. But, you probably do not want to. You can install a new layer of shingles over old ones. There are pros and cons to installing shingles over old shingles (sometimes called a roof-over) versus tearing off old shingles to install the roof over the original decking.   In this particular scenario, the cons of… continue reading »

Are You Considering Wood Shingles For Your Roof?

Cedar Shake/Wood Shingle Roof Installation As with all roofing materials there are various quality levels in the products available. For a high quality roof the type of underlayment, nails, and flashing can make a difference in the longevity of the roof. Furthermore, the quality of the wood for wood shingle roofs is of utmost importance…. continue reading »

Can Roofing Ventilation Really Save Me Money?

Yes it can. Do you remember the last time you took the trip up to your attic? Perhaps it was to retrieve the Christmas decorations or to put away some collectibles – either way, most home owners would describe their attic experience as uncomfortable. Now imagine the effects the attic can have on your home,… continue reading »

10 Tips to Help you Choose a Roofing Company in Alabama

10 Tips To Help You Decide On A Roofing Company in Alabama It is important to choose the best roofing company to work on your home. You need to choose the right person for the job. After a damaging storm, you need help getting back to normal. A homeowner needs a reputable roofer to perform the… continue reading »